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  • Why Choose QuickLoss?

    QuickLoss has been formulated by one of Australia’s most trusted medical doctors, Dr Sandra Cabot. QuickLoss contains the revolutionary lipophilic fibre, NeOpuntia®, which has proven results in weight loss. NeOpuntia® is a unique 100% green, natural and GMO-free ingredient. NeOpuntia® is backed by strong scientific research.

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  • About NeOpuntia®

    NeOpuntia® is an original complex of insoluble and soluble dietary fibres which allows a unique fat binding mechanism in 2 steps. NeOpuntia® can be helpful for reducing fat absorption into the body, with instant efficacy starting in the stomach. A double blind study suggests that NeOpuntia® increases fat excretion on an average of 27%.

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  • Our Success Stories

    QuickLoss has helped many people lose weight in a safe and sustainable way. We love telling their success stories so that others can be inspired. Have a look at some of our testimonials to see how QuickLoss has changed the lives and health of our patients. Most people are very satisfied with the QuickLoss shake and diet.

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I No Longer Crave Sugary Carbs!

I No Longer Crave Sugary Carbs!After a recent bout of stress I noticed my weight increasing, especially around my abdomen.  I have been a long-term client of Dr Sandra Cabot so I knew exactly what I had to do; replace one meal a day with QuickLoss.  This also reduced some of the stress 5

Diane's Testimonial

Not only am I able to fit into my old jeans, that haven't been worn for a long time, but I am also receiving compliments from friends and work colleagues. 5

Pam Lloyd's Testimonial

Pam Lloyd's TestimonialI like the ease of the QuickLoss (QL) Program. Having the drink for breakfast and lunch made it very simple but also having the option of morning and afternoon tea if you feel you need it then having a main meal in the evening. 5

Debbie Koeford's Testimonial

I thoroughly enjoyed using the Quick loss meal replacement, I found the shake delicious and filling and the recipes that we were given delicious and I am very happy with the weight I have lost.. Many thanks to both you and Dr Cabot for this opportunity Debbie 5

Kathie Holt's Testimonial

Like a lot of people, I wanted to lose 10 – 15 kilos that had crept up on me. I had had a worrying liver reading in a blood test, and I knew my metabolism was slow at the best of times. Even when I had tried various methods, it did not stay off and my 5

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