I No Longer Crave Sugary Carbs!

I No Longer Crave Sugary Carbs!

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After a recent bout of stress I noticed my weight increasing, especially around my abdomen.  I have been a long-term client of Dr Sandra Cabot so I knew exactly what I had to do; replace one meal a day with QuickLoss.  This also reduced some of the stress worrying about breakfast whilst racing out the door every morning.

I also enjoy a Synd-X smoothie made with fresh berries and consumed in between meals.  Add to this healthy mix, nutritious meals from your healthy liver eating plan and my weight has corrected itself.
I am also happy to say that the stress has been easier to deal with. I actually have had more time to do the fun things in life because my meals have been simplified and I automatically go for the good stuff in the fridge!

I was beginning to worry about Christmas and not being able to control my food intake.  I feel much more in control now and enjoy eating without feeling guilty that I really don’t crave the sugary carbs!
So I just wanted to say thank you and I wish you happiness and good health.
Kind Regards,
Wendy K, NSW

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