Pam Lloyd’s Testimonial

Pam Lloyd’s Testimonial

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pam-lloydI like the ease of the QuickLoss (QL) Program.  Having the drink for breakfast and lunch made it very simple but also having the option of morning and afternoon tea if you feel you need it then having a main meal in the evening.  Most of the time I did not need anything in between as I found the drinks satisfying enough.  There were times when I felt a need for something sweet and Dr Cabot’s hazelnut protein bars were my life saver!

My weight loss was not quick but it was consistent at my weekly weigh in.  I often have episodes of low energy and some food-related problems but did not find being on this program a problem in fact, I felt some improvement as the program progressed.

I would not hesitate to do the QL Program again, particularly doing it in conjunction with the support of the Cabot Health Team, who provided support, motivation and encouragement to keep going and be there to answer questions which may come up as you go the Program, adjusting to the changes in life-time habits, which we are trying to change for the better!

Pam Lloyd

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