Kathie Holt’s Testimonial

Kathie Holt’s Testimonial

Kathie Holt’s Testimonial

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cathy-holt-smallLike a lot of people, I wanted to lose 10 – 15 kilos that had crept up on me.
I had had a worrying liver reading in a blood test, and I knew my metabolism was slow at the best of times.
Even when I had tried various methods, it did not stay off and my metabolism still did not feel right.

So I wanted to lose the weight with good medical/nutritional advice. The Cabot clinic are the experts in liver treatment so I went there.
I used Quick Loss, and advice from their nutritionist, Kylie McCarthy.

I lead a busy life so using the Quick Loss was convenient, but I did not want to simply do a drinks program that meant the weight would not stay off if I ate normally after. Above all, I wanted my metabolism to be working better. I followed the program with weekly advice as to my food choices on the program. I quickly realised that one of the reasons my metabolism was not working as it should, was because I was not eating enough each day, or drinking enough water.

So the nutritional advice was life changing. I have still got 5 kgs to go to reach what the BMI says is good for me. I am finding it easy to make the right choices, and I think a lot more abut taking the time each day to drink enough water and eat sufficient food, and what type of foods I choose to eat.

I also have a secret : I am addicted to the guilt-free chocolate hazelnut bars ! Each day they are my treat !

I had a blood test recently and my liver is now perfect. Thank you Kylie !

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